A consultant team that is experienced in the successful delivery of advice and services on projects that are similar to yours reduces risk and provides peace of mind.

Our team has now completed more than 6,000 projects, and over time accumulated deep and extensive experience across a wide range of sectors. These projects range in size from small to large to state significant, from straight forward to complex and multi-disciplinary, from short term to several years long.

Project Documents

Keilor Downs Sports and Recreational Facility - Preliminary Documentation

The following notice is published pursuant to Section 95A (3) of the Commonwealth EPBC Act. The proposed action is identified as a proposed Sport and Recreational Facility at 151C Green Gully Road, Keilor Downs, Victoria (EPBC 2018/8348). The proposed action is to be undertaken by Brimbank City Council.

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Cape Otway Road Australia Project

The Cape Otway Road Australia (CORA) project will establish a world class facility that will be a major elite sports training and tourism drawcard for the South-west Barwon, Geelong & Surf Coast region.

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Melton Recycled Water Pipeline - Preliminary Documentation

The following notice is published pursuant to Section 95A (3) of the Commonwealth EPBC Act. The proposed action is identified as the Parwan to Melton Recycled Water Pipeline, for a proposed pipeline located between Parwan and Melton, Victoria (EPBC 2018/8260). The proposed action is to be undertaken by Western Region Water Corporation.

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Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project

An Environment Effects Statement (EES) process is underway for the proposed Fingerboards Mineral Sands project in East Gippsland, Victoria. Our natural heritage team have completed detailed ecological investigations as part of the EES over the past 4 years.

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Regional Rail Revival

Regional Rail Revival is a $1.75 billion package to upgrade the regional rail passenger network in Victoria. Ecology and Heritage Partners have been contracted to conduct Aboriginal cultural heritage investigations, CHMPs and salvage work for this project.

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RAMSAR Site Fox Control Management Plan

West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority required a predator control management plan for the Corner Inlet and Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park RAMSAR site to ensure shorebird populations remain within prescribed levels. Our team developed an adaptive predator control management plan with stakeholder input.

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WIM 100 Mineral Sands Project

The WIM 100 mineral sands project (Wimmera Project) is a proposed zircon and rare earth quarry located in Victoria. Our team has been completing extensive ecological assessments required for the Environment Effects Statement.

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Fox and Cat Monitoring and Control for Parks Victoria

A ten-year pest fox and cat monitoring and control program, and Southern Brown Bandicoot monitoring in the Wonthaggi and Kilcunda areas is underway for Parks Victoria. In the Alpine National Park, an intensive pest fox and cat monitoring program was completed in Mountain Pygmy-possum habitat.

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Caroline Springs Railway Station

Our team facilitated planning and approvals for the construction of Caroline Springs Railway Station for PTV in consultation with V/Line. We developed management plans for matters of national environmental significance and have been undertaking monitoring and management of the site for more than five years.

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Nowingi Solar Farm

Our team conducted natural and cultural heritage assessments, BushBroker plans and biodiversity offsets advice for Nowingi Solar Farm, a $660 million dollar development in north-west Victoria.

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